How to setup a wallyball net
Note: The standard height for a men's net is 8' and 7'4 1/4" for women.
          See STEP 4 if you need to drills holes to install COURT                          HARDWARE.
Step 1
Insert court hardware into wall.
Step 2
Attach net to court hardware.
If you are using the suction cups, make sure to mount them on a solid,flat surface.
Step 3
Tighten. Net tension should be adjusted so that a ball hitting the net rebounds sharply back into the playing area.
If you are using the suction cups, make sure to pump the air out as the red indicator line appears.
Step 4

If you need to install court hardware, we use something called a machine screw anchor and it's the fourth picture from the left on the web site.
Use either 1/2 or 3/8 inch machine screws.

Remember to purchase the eye bolts to screw into the machine screws. Your net with connect to these.

Wallyball nets come in several styles and widths. Up until 2001, the standard width of a wallyball net was 36 inches. Now nets also come in a 30 inch width. These nets are NOT a replacement for the 36 inch net. They DO NOT tighten properly when used in a court drilled for a 36 inch net. New holes must be drilled.

Step 4.1

Wallyball Suction Cups
Set up a wallyball court without drilling holes!
For use on non-porous or glass walls.

Industrial strength rubber suction cups for use on non-porous or glass walls. Eye bolt attaches to threaded stem for easy wallyball net attachment.
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