Wallyball Hall of Fame Award
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The Wallyball Hall of Fame Award is presented in late fall of each year. Nominations are accepted through June 1st of each year. The purpose of the Wallyball Hall of Fame is to select and honor candidates who have been active as players, coaches, managers, referees, administrators, organizers, volunteers, promoters, sponsors,  league director, tournament director, media or who served in any other capacity related to the sport of wallyball. Candidates shall be chosen on the basis of their integrity and contributions to the sport of wallyball. The length of playing time or related participation shall be considered as a factor in the evaluation of the candidates.


The categories and requirements governing selection of an individual to the Hall of Fame are:

Selection to the Wallyball Hall of Fame shall be determined by the Board of Selectors. The Board of Selectors shall solicit names from interested parties. Parties placing a candidate in nomination must furnish pertinent information relating to the qualifications of their candidate(s) to the Hall of Fame. The deadline shall be June 1st of the current year.  Please click here to download the nomination form.

We need your help in nominating deserving people (active, inactive or deceased) for induction into the Wallyball Hall of Fame.
Please make copies of the form if you are nominating more than one person. Please include as much documentation on the individual's accomplishments as possible (e.g. newspaper accounts, etc). Please remember the June 1st  deadline.

The Board of Selectors shall meet shortly after the nomination deadline. They shall screen the candidates each year and select not more than six inductees.

If you are interested in becoming a Board of Selectors member, please call 612-581-7718.

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