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Believe in Yourself  posted by Steve Fuhrman

Talent, desire and mind-body skills all work together to enhance performance. This increases the probability that success will occur, but the opponent has to cooperate before winning actually takes place. Remember -- higher performance never guarantees success, but only increases the probability.

One particular mindset is useful in unlocking true potential in a person. It is the attitude of the person's mind. Let's call this attitude belief….a belief in yourself so there is no doubt of your capabilities. You belong on that court, in that match.
The problem with doubt for the athlete is that an awful lot of energy and left-brain thinking is required to analyze critically and consider the many possibilities of action. Doubt creates distractions that disrupt flow and focus and reduces confidence.  Don’t think, react! Train your body and mind to be one….and to react at the same time.

A good part of playing Wallyball is an art, based upon intuition; you must take smart risks, trends and hunches.
Still, it is often the athlete's belief, as well as the precision of their knowledge, that leads them to progress. Much has been written about the placebo effect in medicine. A sugar pill will often cure pain as effectively as an established pain medication. The mechanism here is belief. This placebo effect is equally important in getting an athlete ready for peak performance.

Here are some guidelines in helping promote belief. I hope you will find these useful:
  • Although belief is important, belief alone will never suffice. A player must practice, practice, and then practice some more.
  • Paint a total picture from the outset. Know what it takes to achieve high performance and how goals will be accomplished. Only after showing the overall plan is it time to get specific and address details.
  • Simplify your message. Rather than trying to accomplish too many things at once, focus on one skill at a time until mastery occurs. Confusion rarely enhances belief or performance.
  • Never expect victory, but always expect to do your best. There is no way to absolutely control the outcome of an athletic event. False promises only reduce belief.

With solid knowledge and a total belief in yourself, you will be more confident, uncluttered by doubts and free to express your own style of playing.