Wallyball Information Network (WIN!) Tournament Registration Page
Entry fee is paid during player registration prior to play (cash or check only).

Tournament Info can be found at www.wally.ball.net


Call:  612-581-7718
I agree, as consideration for the acceptance of my participation in events conducted by the Wallyball Information Network (WIN!), to absolve and hold harmless WIN! and any and all others involved and that I, and all parties on my behalf, agree that we will not sue WIN! or any others involved as a result of the operation of or my participation in any WIN! Event.  I assume full responsibility for any risk occurring from my participation.  I assert that I have no physical condition that world preclude my participation.  I understand that participation in a WIN! event construes my acceptance of the risks inherent in such activities including, bodily injury, death, property damage, and any and all other risks.  I assert that I have accident/health insurance coverage that will apply in the event of injury as a result of my participation.  I consent to and will permit emergency treatment if required.  I assert that I am of legal age to contract or that my legal guardian has read and signed this release and waiver.  I assert that I will inspect the playing area and agree that my participation signifies that it is free of hazards.  I give permission to use my name and likeness for promotion.  This waiver, release, and agreement apply to any and all WIN! events that I may participate in on this day.
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